About Amanda

Hi, I’m Amanda!

I help women tell their story and capture memories through scrapbooking.

My Story

When my husband and I lived in Manitoba, I had lots of time to create scrapbook layouts and make special cards for friends and family. Unfortunately when we moved back to Ontario that free time was replaced by a full time job. It was tough seeing my craft supplies just sitting there, not being used. I still had the desire to be creative using Stampin’ Up! products but struggled to fit the crafting time into my busier life. Since 2008 I’ve created a list of projects for different time frames, including projects that are pre-designed and include everything you need, tutorials that give directions with a detailed supply list and classes where we can set time aside together to create so you can fulfil your desire to craft. Designed for you to find time and to create.

I believe that crafting is something that everyone can do, even when you think you can’t! It’s important for you to learn how to find time to ink up a stamp and put it onto cardstock, how your handmade card brings a smile to your friend’s face just because and why it’s important to preserve your photos and memories.

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